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All my current and future projects use mobile-friendly responsive design, meaning they are optimized for viewing on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. The number and type of devices that we use to access the internet will continue to grow exponentially. Responsive design means your site is ready for any size screen or device that may appear in the future.

I can convert your existing website design into a mobile-friendly version without the huge expense of a complete redesign. If your site is outdated and needs a facelift, a complete redesign is always an option too.


  • Brand new site from the ground up
  • Redesign an existing site for a fresh look and feel
  • Choosing an e-commerce platform that is right for your business
  • Migration to the new e-commerce platform, including redesign and data migration
  • Selling on Amazon, Ebay, and comparison shopping sites

I work with all types of e-commerce systems and have done many projects with the CORESense e-commerce platform, BigCommerce, as well as PayPal and others. If you're already a CORESense customer, my extensive experience with the platform requirements means you'll avoid any time-consuming or expensive integration problems. I can help customize your BigCommerce template to your design specifications and get your product data imported and ready to sell. I also work with smaller shopping cart software packages, including custom PayPal cart integration.


  • Manage your website content from a web-based control panel
  • Requires no technical expertise on the part of your staff
  • Keep content fresh and updated yourself – no need to pay me to do it! Great for news sites, blogs, businesses with regular updates
  • Regular software updates
  • Numerous modules from third-party developers available to extend functionality
  • Thriving community of support for this publishing platform

ExpressionEngine® started as a blogging platform but has been extensively developed to become a full-fledged content management system. I've been working with it since 2007. There are a large quantity of extension modules available to accomplish just about any type of feature you want, including e-commerce at all levels. EE is perfect if you want some of the bells and whistles but can't afford the $50K cost of a complex custom development project. If you're all set up on WordPress and happier staying there, I can work with that as well.


  • All the same features of the ExpressionEngine® content publishing platform, such as managing your site from a control panel and keeping the site updated yourself without technical expertise
  • Numerous design templates and plugins available
  • Support is widely available for this popular platform

WordPress offers the same benefits of ExpressionEngine® but can be a little simpler and less expensive to set up. If you aren't doing extensive data management or complex functionality, but still want to be able to update the site yourself periodically, WordPress can be a good choice. Many, many design templates are available for WordPress, which can lower the time and cost of the design process. I can still make design adjustments to the template, so the site looks and feels exactly the way you want. And lots of the templates are already "responsive", so that functionality is built in.


From print to email marketing to business cards, I can make your brand identity consistent at every client contact point.

  • company/brand identity from business cards to advertisements
  • email marketing campaigns
  • posters/billboards/bus signs